School Consultations

Autism Partnership provides comprehensive and ongoing training for school districts.

The long-term objective is that school personnel will be able to independently provide effective intervention.

School District Consultations

Consultants provide training for classroom staff and ancillary support staff and assist with development of individualized student programs.

Workshops are designed for agencies that want to train any size group (e.g. teachers, educational assistants, administrators, ancillary service providers, etc.) in their preferred location and are tailored to each group’s needs. Topics may include introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis and Discrete Trial Teaching, overview of autism, analyzing behavior problems and developing effective treatment programs for reduction of disruptive behavior and teaching appropriate replacement skills.

Didactic Workshop

This 3-day workshop provides participants with a solid understanding of discrete trial teaching and intensive behavioral treatment methodologies. Training includes an overview of autism and review of applied research, principles of behavior analysis and management, a description and explanation of treatment programs and curriculum, and demonstrations of these teaching methods.

Hands-On Training Workshop

Participants gain practical experiences so that at the conclusion of the 5 days participants will be able to implement ABA in the classroom. During this workshop, each person will have extensive opportunity to practice implementing the teaching programs while receiving feedback from Autism Partnership staff to improve skills.

Ongoing Consultation

This is essential to maintain the momentum from the intensive training and for continued professional development as well as developing in-house expertise. Ongoing support, mentoring and onsite training is critical to providing effective ABA programs in the classroom setting. Several days per month is recommended.

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