Raising Expectations for the Treatment of Children with ASD

A Workshop for Parents, Professionals, and the Community

We are deeply concerned about the expectations regarding the outcomes for children diagnosed with ASD! Simply put, we feel that the expectations are too low. Children with ASD have a far more favorable prognosis than believed achievable decades ago, yet there still seems to be a lack of understanding regarding children’s’ actual potential. Children with ASD have amazing potential! The majority of children can become conversational, achieve success in school, develop meaningful friendships and most importantly, experience a high quality of life! However, achieving this requires high quality intervention with highly trained staff.

Dr. Leaf will describe the Autism Partnership Method (APM), proven to be a highly successful methodology for children with ASD. Autism Partnership has published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals demonstrating the effectiveness of APM. Tragically, the vast majority of ABA is rigid and is not individualized to meet the needs of children. Moreover, the emphasis of treatment is extremely limited, and the results often do not generalize to more natural settings. Tragically, with this more rigid application, children don’t make the progress they are capable of, ultimately compromising the lives of children and their families.


Date: Saturday, November 6th 2021
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm.
Venue: St. Monica’s Church (413 East 79th Street, Upper East Side, NY 10075.)
Speaker: Dr. Ronald Leaf  Ph.D., Co-founder and Director

Autism Partnership has recently opened an office in New York so that children in New York will have the opportunity to receive high quality intervention.

Dr. Ronald Leaf, Ph. D.

Co-founder and Director
Ronald Leaf, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who began his career working with Ivar Lovaas in 1973 while receiving his undergraduate degree at UCLA. Subsequently he received his doctorate under the direction of Dr. Lovaas. During his years at UCLA he served as Clinic Supervisor, Research Psychologist, Interim Director of the Autism Project and Lecturer. He was extensively involved in several research investigations, contributed to the Me Book and is a co-author of the Me Book Videotapes, a series of instructional tapes for teaching children with autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Leaf has consulted to families, schools, day programs and residential facilities on a national and international basis. Dr. Leaf is a director of Autism Partnership and has extensive publications in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Leaf is also the co-author of: A Work in Progress, Time for School, It Has to Be Said!, Crafting Connections, A Work in Progress Companion Series and Clinical Judgement.

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